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This page lists our pricing and process for mailing us your quilt, however if you are local to the Vancouver, WA area, you are welcome to drop it off at our shop and see all of the services & products we have to offer!

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You’ve spent countless hours piecing your treasured quilt, let Quilts on the Fly add some beautiful quilted texture with our longarm quilting services.  As avid quilters ourselves, we understand the love and attention put into creating a quilt.  We take care to provide that same love and attention in our edge-to-edge quilting.


The first step is to fill out our online form (coming soon) or download our mail in order form.  The downloadable form can be found HERE.  After purchasing the deposit, you will receive a link for a digital download.  This will be your order form and also has our mailing address.  Please fill this out and and send with your quilt.  Final total will depend on the size of your quilt and any add on options you choose such as batting, special order design, quilt label, shipping, etc. 


Once we receive your quilt, we will reach out via email/text whichever you prefer, to help finalize the details of thread and pattern choice.  We have hundreds of patterns to choose from and can usually special order one for a nominal fee if we don’t have it.


After we have finished quilting your quilt, we will send the final amount via invoice.  Once the invoice has been paid, we will ship your quilt out quickly to you.


Some helpful information to ensure great results:


  • Please make sure there are no embellishments to your quilt top.  Things like buttons, sequins, beads, etc. cannot be quilted over, so please make sure those are removed before sending us your quilt.


  • The backing needs to be a minimum of 4 inches larger on all 4 sides.  Adding this extra will allow us to quilt all the way to the edge of the top fabric.  For example, if your quilt top is 60”x80” then your backing needs to be a minimum of 68”x88”


  • If you need to piece your backing together, please try to piece your seams so they run horizontally across the quilt.  When there is a seam, it will stretch differently than the rest of the fabric and running the seam horizontally will help the fabric roll more evenly on the frame.


  • You may provide your own batting or purchase some from us.  If providing your own, please allow 4 extra inches all the way around just like for your backing fabric.


  • We currently carry The Warm Company Products:  Warm and White and Soft and Bright.  We also have a small selection of Quilter’s Dream Black Batting and Poly Select.


  • Pressing your quilt allows for an easier and flatter load onto the quilt frame.  


  • Ensure your quilt top is square.  The corners form right angles and the sides are even.  If the quilt is uneven it could lead to excess fabric and unwanted puckers.

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